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“At REDK we are proud to receive this award, as it comes at a great moment as we just closed another big growth year for the company. SugarCRM plays a fundamental role in our portfolio of solutions and is been key as we have worked with top european companies, contributing with the most innovative and flexible business solutions in the CRM and customer strategy field. This award is a huge incentive for us. Our performance has demonstrated that REDK is heading in the right direction as we continue to grow, working under the highest standards of quality with a creative portfolio of technological solutions”, says Hideki Hashimura, CMO at REDK.”

SugarCRM is recognized as a innovative force in the global CRM landscape, it’s success is due in large part to its strong partner base, which has significantly contributed to their overall corporate growth and revenue over the past few years. To showcase these remarkable contributions, SugarCRM developed the Three-Star Platinum Award given to selected channel partners who achieved the highest performance in 2013 and served as one of the company’s most valued collaborators.

REDK has been selected for this award from over 400 SugarCRM partners all over the world. “SugarCRM is proud of the significant contribution demonstrated by REDK”, said Craig Lewis, senior vice president, Global Services and Channel Development at SugarCRM. “We are honored to team with such innovative technology companies, and pleased to award the Three-Star Platinum achievement to our top-performing channel partners making tremendous strides and delivering stellar results as they drive their business with Sugar.”

SugarCRM and REDK have developed a strong relationship over the years in which REDK has received prestigious certifications and acknowledgements such as Gold Partner and Platinum Partner, professional certifications in the Pre-Sales, Sales field and SugarCRM Developers, as well as the European MVP (Most Valuable Partners) in 2011. It’s worth mentioning that in 2005 REDK became the first SugarCRM partner in Spain and during 2013 the company expanded its presence into the UK market.