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SugarCRM Quick Start Workshop

redk consultants integrate the right solution for your business in line with your sales strategy

redk solution integrates the entire CRM cycle from start to finish, including a sales management module. At redk, we have designed these services for businesses of all sizes requiring a smooth implementation within a short timeframe. You can start working with your CRM system within days.

Objective of the workshops: We help you take the first step in implementing CRM into your organization. You will adopt a solution to centralize data in order to have them stored in an orderly manner. The latter will provide for long-term scalability, as your enterprise evolves and grows.

Model: SugarCRM Quick Start Workshops are tailored to each specific case after a kick-off meeting with one of our consultants. The entire implementation process is also customized, including the content, scope, time and cost of execution. Generally, workshops last from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 10 days. The service is priced to suit individual clients and their needs.

redk recommends a tech platform to suit the needs of each client. However, redk deploys the SugarCRM tech solution in most of these multifaceted implementation projects, primarily because of its high flexibility and low cost.

SugarCRM sales automation tool

A CRM Quick Start Workshop can include the following:

  • Basic definition of processes and operational requirement.
  • Adjustments for sales management.
  • Adjustments for in-house cooperation and back-office management.
  • Training sessions on creating reports and dashboards.
  • Training on best practices to end users.

Sales Insights

Your sales data centralized into a single tool.

Reports and Management Capacity

Ability to generate reports and manage your sales force from day one.

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