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CRM Solutions for the Sales Force

Integrating SugarCRM to improve business process efficiency at your company


Customer acquisition is one of the most important tasks for any business in terms of costs, investment and overall performance.

This is the reason why our Sales force CRM and customer acquisition services offer solutions aimed at:

  • Laying the foundations for sales force management know-how at both strategic and operating level
  • Increasing efficiency of internal sales processes
  • Improving sales performance
  • Setting up sustainable, scalable and growth-oriented strategies to generate a higher ROI for the sales force

Sales Audit

We help you get to know the limits of your sales capacity and set achievable sales goals

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SugarCRM for Sales

Find out how SugarCRM could be the best tech platform for your sales objectives

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SugarCRM Sales Workshop

Set up SugarCRM to manage your sales operations and get started in less than 10 days

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Execute Your Sales Strategy

redk services help you define and get your CRM strategy underway through a sales-oriented approach

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