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Solutions to Improve Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty and experience – top-notch performance

At redk, we understand how important and difficult it is for companies to enhance customer experience and gain loyalty. This is why we specialize in implementing business solutions that help you achieve both.

Keeping your business strategy in mind at all times, we bring tech solutions that give your employees flexible tools to carry out their day-to-day tasks. As a result, they will be able to generate the added value you seek with your customer service plan.

Implementing CRM into Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty, also known as customer retention, is a key area for every business. In a highly competitive world, it is no longer possible to compete by offering regular discounts and gifts. Businesses must go further and create a value chain, providing their increasingly demanding customers with a consistently high-quality experience.

redk helps you implement your loyalty program by seamlessly integrating it within the IT systems already in place at your company. Our aim is to enable you to leverage all your customer loyalty data so that you attain a 360-degree view of your customers.

Customer Experience

Today, the most commonly found flaw in a customer experience plan is that customer touchpoints and communication channels are not integrated. Hence, connecting multiple interactions between customers and the company often becomes impossible. To improve customer experience, all touchpoints – such as the contact center, website, mobile apps and other areas – must be connected. By centralizing all this key information, you will get more flexibility to carry out analysis and gain further insight.

Experience Optimization

The first step in optimizing customer experience is to unify your view of customers at every possible touchpoint. For customers, this structural integration provides a more consistent and personalized experience as well as a smooth and seamless post-sale service. For the company, this is also one of the most crucial phases, as it gives employees access to all customer information in a single, centralized place. This is what ultimately enables them to generate value.

Optimized Business Processes

With data centralization, you will surely have to redesign some of the internal processes in your company. Their optimization and alignment with technology will raise your First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate, help you fulfil SLAs and improve efficiency of your workforce, reducing operating costs. Optimized processes, skilled employees and tech solutions are what truly adds value to touchpoints, channels and interactions.

End-to-end Solutions

We understand business concepts and strategies that companies implement to improve customer experience. We know this is the pivotal area where you must stand out to gain a competitive edge. This is why, at redk, we focus on turning these concepts into a part of your day-to-day business operations. We provide you with the technological capabilities that will make such strategies seamlessly fit into the fabric of your company. Our clients have relied on us to design, define and implement such solutions from start to finish.

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