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Marketing CRM

CRM as a relational marketing management platform

redk can integrate CRM solutions for marketing management at your enterprise. We know that CRM for marketing purposes goes beyond software for campaign management. We understand the ideas you seek to turn into reality, which is why our CRM projects are focused on providing hands-on solutions. We help you centralize all customer-related information and execute your campaigns and initiatives.

Multichannel CRM management

Gather all your customer data in a smart system and connect with your potential customers through multiple channels, including website, call center, email, events, text messaging, and social media. Centralize all your information onto a single platform and obtain a 360-degree view of each customer.

Measure marketing profitability

Monitor your return on investment (ROI) for each targeted campaign in terms of sales opportunities, costs and marketing effort. Easily obtain a cost-benefit analysis of each campaign. Automate your marketing activities and enhance your future campaigns.

Multichannel Marketing

Communicate personalized messages to your customers consistently and across all channels.

Centralize All Your Customer Data

Integrate information about your customers from various platforms in your company and obtain a 360-degree consumer profile.

Case studies

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