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Marketing automation

CRM for your company and automation of all marketing activities

Marketing automation solutions employ technology to help marketing teams work more efficiently. Multichannel communication to different target demographics will ensure your presence in the mind of consumers. You will also achieve a thorough alignment of marketing and sales for a better management of potential customers.

We offer integrated and profitable solutions that will enable you to boost performance of your marketing campaigns.

redk implements relational marketing tools within a comprehensive CRM solution to turn your set strategy into reality.

Regardless of the technology currently employed at your company, redk will help you integrate the required solutions for reducing costs and enhancing marketing performance.

Closing the Information Cycle

Harness all marketing and customer-related information. Analyze and launch your best and most effective marketing campaigns

Automate Processes and Enhance Performance

Segment and automate communication to customers across various channels.

Marketing Automation

Close the loop between sales and marketing: manage contacts with new customers, create marketing campaigns and control their progress, conduct email marketing with ease. Ensure marketing and sales teams have all the necessary information to efficiently perform their work and maximize results. All this in real time!

Multichannel Management

Get in touch with your sales prospects through multiple channels – your website, extranet, call center, email, events, text messaging, and social media. Centralize all your information onto a single IT platform. Our CRM solutions will give you the technology to take multichannel actions envisioned in your strategy. redk will help you turn it into reality.

Measuring Campaign Profitability

Monitor your company’s ROI, associating each campaign with the right potential customers, sales opportunities, costs and marketing efforts. Thanks to complete automation, you will improve planning of future marketing initiatives. redk will help you boost marketing campaign management and overall departmental organization.

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