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Marketing Audit

CRM consulting for integration of technology into marketing

The marketing capacity audit service is a workshop aimed at identifying the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of your business within this ambit. These audits also enable you to define the scope and basic requirements of CRM implementation projects. Thus, they provide you with an objective overview of the current state of marketing activities at your company. This service will orient you and help you understand where you are and where you have to go.
In the audit workshops, we analyze the current state of various aspects of marketing, such as:

  • Potential and prospective customers management model for both B2B and B2C markets
  • Lead flow management
  • Segmentation models
  • Lead Promoter Score
  • Multichannel capacity
  • Online and offline marketing campaign execution
  • Ability to analyze customers
  • Ability to measure MROI

Do you segment your customers?

Segment your customers in terms of their consumer behavior, whether online or offline; consider their purchase history, profitability, repeat customer rate or churn rate to properly tailor your services and products.

Do you run your own campaigns?

You should be running your marketing campaigns in the simplest way possible, particularly online. You should not depend on external agencies for such simple tasks.

Do you monitor everything?

Quickly find out the status of your customers, campaigns, performance and ROI.

An Ongoing Business Lifecycle Improvement 

Marketing management capacity should give you the required knowledge to constantly improve the investment cycle within your budget.

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