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Privalia, Integrating SugarCRM Professional into Shopping Areas

SugarCRM as an automation and standardization tool

“In short time we have grown a lot, so we needed the information to know what was happening in other business units of the company. The solution was to implement a single, comprehensive tool that allows us manage the entire purchasing department”

Marta Oller Global Sourcing Project Manager Privalia


In just six years, Privalia became the leading private sales platform in its market. Today, it employs 850 people across Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and Germany, and launches an average of 2,900 campaigns per year. In March 2011, Privalia acquired Dress-for-less, one of the leading online fashion retailers in Germany, thereby strengthening its position as market leader.


With over 10 million members in its databases, the company needed the ability to manage the large volume of brands and suppliers it worked with. They were looking for a system that would allow them to monitor, create and plan campaigns.
Their rapid growth was urging them to stay up-to-date on what was happening in other business areas and gain a 360-degree view of the market. They needed a system that was both adaptable to the idiosyncrasies of their business and scalable to their growth pace; a flexible tool that could be accessed from anywhere.


SugarCRM Professional was integrated into their purchasing department and ERP system in order to automate the preparation and launching of new campaigns. Shortly afterward, the company was able to harmonize and standardize processes across countries and business teams.
They went from working with conventional spreadsheets to adopting a centralized system, thus minimizing human error. SugarCRM has helped them speed up their business monitoring and gain more control over all actions performed with brands. Thanks to our platform, Privalia now has a full view and command over its purchasing cycle, inventory levels, supply chain management, pricing and margins, among other areas.
In a second phase of this project, SugarCRM will be integrated as part of a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, setting sales targets for each of its sales representatives. This solution will enable generating performance reports in reference to KPIs.

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