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Ebury, CRM for Sales Force and Customer Acquisition

CRM applied to the financial sector


Ebury Partners is a foreign exchange brokerage firm. Its proactive market information service sets it apart in the eyes of its customers, enabling them to carry out their operations within an optimal timeframe. Ebury Partners has headquarters in the UK and Spain, and over 20 years’ experience in foreign exchange markets.


The rapid growth of Ebury Partners had made it necessary to consolidate customer-related information onto a single platform as well as improve services and employee productivity.

The company could no longer cope with the volume of its data nor conduct lead management through MS Access alone. They needed a tailored solution that would address the needs of their complex sales process. The company had no integrated system to facilitate the exchange of information between customers, sales representatives and back-office staff.


After evaluating other solutions on the market, Ebury Partners opted for SugarCRM Professional Edition due to its high flexibility and customizability.

With the aid of REDK, the company implemented and customized the solution for its own specific business processes, in accordance with its internal data security and integration standards.

Today a team of over 100 people oversees customer interactions of Ebury Partners through SugarCRM. With our tool, Ebury’s sales representatives attend to the requests and inquiries of their consumers. The full-scale integration of SugarCRM has enabled the company to connect it with other back-office platforms, mainly for purchase and sale of foreign currency.

For more information, you can request the complete Ebury case study through our contact form.

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