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Chemo Group Integrates SugarCRM Solutions to Improve Business Processes and Take Customer Relations to Another Level

Consulting and implementing a CRM solution for supervising purposes.


Chemo Group is a leading global pharmaceutical company that has been actively engaged in researching, manufacturing and marketing medical products since 1977. It is currently present in over 40 countries and employs approximately 5,000 people. Becoming more customer-oriented was a critical aspect of the company’s business strategy, which is why they needed to standardize business processes and gain further customer insight. 


Due to the large scale of the business, managing its vast information flow was hindering data analysis and gaining knowledge about customers. Chemo Group needed to centralize and gather all customer interactions into a single system. The idea was for any employee to be able to consult any given interaction, pinpoint different business opportunities and check status. In short, Chemo Group wanted a one-stop data source to standardize all its key business information.


As a SugarCRM partner, redk The CRM solutions company played a key role in helping Chemo develop better practices for standardization of business processes. Together, we implement SugarCRM technology into the company’s management systems for practical use. We also successfully defined a CRM strategy adjusted to Chemo’s needs. Implementing SugarCRM allowed them to gain quick access to information, make better decisions and assist the sales force. These technological solutions enabled Chemo Group to reach its goal – getting to know its customers and tailoring its services to fit their needs.

Thanks to the outstanding results, Chemo Group is currently preparing the integration of new tools with redk.


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