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Amazon Buyvip, Integrating SugarCRM

CRM Solutions to enhance customer experience in e-commerce


BuyVip was created by Spanish entrepreneurs who successfully adopted a business model, which had been used in other European countries. Amazon BuyVip sells a range of products online, including clothing, cosmetics and electronics.


The assigned project had to fulfil three key requirements:

  1. Attain a significantly more agile production output
  2. Ensure scalability and sustainability
  3. Provide flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing and evolving business model


The ultimate aim of this project was to deliver a versatile and secure customer service platform, oriented at improving overall customer experience.

Before choosing to go with redk, Amazon BuyVip had considered Microsoft Dynamics or developing its own in-house solution. However, they eventually opted for SugarCRM, within the comprehensive package offered by redk. Our solution met all three requirements at a much lower cost than proprietary software.


redk conducted operational consulting and analysis of the structure of the company’s internal systems. By integrating SugarCRM, we managed to streamline customer service management for millions of customers and their purchase orders.
Furthermore, given the nature of the enterprise – namely, e-commerce – there was a considerable degree of interoperability. This made it necessary to connect systems with the online store’s back-office, ERP system and a third-party logistics provider to ensure quality service and meet requirements set forth in service-level agreements (SLAs).
redk rendered its services by integrating the SugarCRM systems and worked alongside BuyVip’s team, from the launch of the business to its acquisition by Amazon.

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