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How We Implement CRM Solutions

The key to successfully integrating CRM solutions at your company


Our methodology is the main driver for success at redk. Our approach is based on two crucial steps: 1) defining business strategy and 2) setting up the required technology to execute it. 

Our approach revolves around two main aspects of CRM project implementation:

Implementation methodology

We focus on delivering a structured experience in addition to handling risk management. Our project managers are responsible for ensuring that all business needs are addressed and prioritized. This is how we suitably leverage our solutions in the most crucial areas. Furthermore, we make certain to identify and account for all possible short- and long-term risks, so we can manage them properly and swiftly.

The 4 phases of CRM adoption and change management

The second part of our methodology pertains to identifying where your company currently stands, along the 4 phases of CRM adoption and change management. This is how we determine the proper amount of time, resources and money to be invested when carrying out a given project. Understanding which of the four phases your company has to undergo will allow our team to deliver value to your business and effortlessly optimize its results.

Through mutual cooperation, this approach ensures appropriate management of project-related risks. It also allows us to design and deliver an effective strategy that seamlessly aligns with the expectations of your management team.

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